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iF steaming into 2017 - year 20
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r - billon doller tune in the workslol
boots - [image]
'n cats - [image]
r - 25 years u say the same thing :P
[click for image]* oh... for fnuck sakes, RAVEN leaf me alone, i suggest you grab the phonebook and glue LOL to each name or sumwhat, capish?
r - !what u think bot hehe
r - should take some improv clases lol
r - im so good at acting it amazes me :D
r - im pretty sure halos on monday lol
r - dng it
r - either its over or im latelol
r - HALO????
r - you say oi oi i say ELLO :D
[click for image]* life is what happens when the music in ON
Got ya - !cheers
HaLoLaNd - AsTeRoTh on NOW
[click for image]*
interFACE presents: haloland
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HaLoLaNd - !haloland
HaLoLaNd - oioi
christmas wava - on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me :D
christmas wava - ok im going to freestyle u guys can join in if u like hehe
christmas wava - :P
christmas wava - i get one wish n i want it lol
christmas wava - hehe
'n cats - [image]
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//.\\ - !gap

I made this!!!